Burrito Boy : 1071 Valley River Dr, Eugene, OR 97401

bbOkay, for my first review, I’m taking you on the slow boat to lunch.  I went through the drive-thru at Burrito Boy near Valley River Center in Eugene, Oregon, today.  I eagerly drove up to the menu and put in my order, which I had to repeat three times because the person on the other end of the call box didn’t read it back correctly.  I then pulled up, anticipating getting my meal in a minute or two, but I was to be sadly disappointed.  Not only did it take them almost ten minutes to hand me an order of one steak tostada and one chicken taco in a hard shell, with a diet soda, no ice, please, but there were three people working behind the counter and only one actually making the food.  The other two were either taking money from the one or two customers, or they were walking around with cup lids to look busy.  Finally, I was given my order and drove off to a secluded place to enjoy my meal.  I wish I had stayed on the premises, so I could have returned it.  The “chicken” taco was beef, the beef in both the tostada and the taco was tough, the lettuce tasted bitter, like it had been cut with the cheese knife the night before.  I do not recommend this drive-thru at all.  I had higher expectations of a place that advertises authentic Mexican food, but was given something that ranks down there with Taco Time.

2 out of 10 Stars.


One thought on “Burrito Boy : 1071 Valley River Dr, Eugene, OR 97401

  1. That is massively disappointing. 😦 I don’t often do fast food myself, but when I do, it’s not regularly any sort of “Mexican food” place because I once got terrible food poisoning from the Taco Bell just off of River Road and Division Avenue in Eugene.

    I’ll make sure not to visit this particular Burrito Boy in the future; thank’s for the reference!

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