Burger King: 2777 W 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97402

Well, yes, I went through two drive-thrus yesterday; that’s what gave me the idea of this blog.  Both were disappointing.  After lunch and during the midday sugar low that makes you want to nap for a couple of hours, I thought a 50 cent Burger King cone would be the ticket.  I pulled up to their voice box (where you order), and I proceeded to ask for a cone.  The person on the other end replied, “we are out of cones, but I can put it in a cup for you and only charge you 50 cents.”  What?  Why wouldn’t you charge me the same amount for something with less content?  I again said that all I wanted was the 50 cent cone, as advertised on tv.  She again replied, “we are out of cones. Do you want one in a cup?”  I acquiesced and told her “yes, please.”  When I pulled up to the window, she handed me my “cone” and took my change.  I thanked her and drove off, only to find that once again, as with my previous experience with this same Burger King, they had deftly poured the soft-serve into the container with a giant hole in the middle.  I understand trying to save money, but really?  An air pocket?  Come on people, make your customers WANT to come back!  I will give them this, their soft-serve is almost as good as McDonald’s, which is the best tasting I’ve found, yet. I’ll return to BK, but not the one on W. 11th.Image

4 out of 10 stars


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