Sonic: 2043 Olympic St Springfield, OR 97477


Sonic has the best Route 44 Limeades and Diet Limeade, but the only thing better is their Diet Cherry Limeades.  My daughter and I have a competition to see how many cherries they will put in when we ask for extras, and I have to tell you, most of the time it’s only one or two, but Springfield’s Sonic does it with a smile and such friendliness, that we don’t mind not getting tons of cherries (besides, they only add calories and sugar).  This drive-thru is amazing, and the carhops deliver on roller blades or roller skates!  If you want the old-fashioned drive-in/drive-thru experience, with happy, smiling workers, stop by this one near Mohawk Shopping Center.  Bypass all other burger and fish joints.  It’s worth the inconvenience to drive to the ONLY Sonic in the Eugene/Springfield area; which causes me to ask, why are there no others?

9 out of 10


One thought on “Sonic: 2043 Olympic St Springfield, OR 97477

  1. I didn’t even know a Sonic existed in this area! I see their commercials all the time on television, but it always makes me sad because I thought there wasn’t one around here!!! This is such exciting news, and it’s great to know their service is lovely as well. Can’t wait to drag my mum to lunch at some point over there!

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