Panda Express: 716 Seneca Rd. Eugene, OR 97402

If you are looking for good Chinese food, this is not the place for you.  They serve up mediocre food, at best.  This chain restaurant has a script/formulaic recipe for every dish, no exceptions, and if you are allergic to gluten, forget about it.  Regular soy sauce has wheat in it, and the refuse to substitute.  They make most of their dishes with green or red peppers, so that taste overpowers all others, as well.  The workers, some good, some not so much, go through the paces, rarely smiling.  What amazes me is that they charge a $1 extra for anything with semi-real steak and shrimp, but the portions are miniscule.  The noodles are greasy, and the rice has a flat taste.  If you want something better (isn’t hard to beat this), go to Ocean Sky and sit down at a table.  Panda Express will fill you up, but your taste buds will not thank you.

2 out of 10Image


One thought on “Panda Express: 716 Seneca Rd. Eugene, OR 97402

  1. Haha, once, at a Panda Express in Medford, some coworkers and I had just gotten our food and went to sit in the grass outside to eat. No joke, not ten minutes after I began eating the grease that they deem fit to call noodles I threw them back up all over the grass. Panda Express has never sat well with me since, but I have several friends who enjoy it, and I’m glad they can have a good experience with it.

    (Wow, I have a lot of fast-foodie issues stories; my apologies!)

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