McDonald’s: 3232 Pacific Blvd SE Albany, OR 97321

It is with no great surprise that I report how the drive-thru at the Albany McDonald’s is less than stellar.  The window people are unhelpful and perfunctory, just taking orders and not appreciating any deviation from the menu (say if someone has an allergy or wants no ice in the drink).  This restaurant is old and tired, run-down, and rather unappealing, but it is right off of I-5 and close to shopping.  There is a trash bin to put car trash in, which is a plus, but I’d rather have good service. The food is the standard fare, so there’s not much to comment on, apart from the fact that it tastes like every other Mickey D’s in the country.  I think it’s time for a complete revamp of the chain.

4 out of 10 stars



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