Dairy Queen: 734 Oregon 99 Eugene, OR

Even though this store is in need of a coat of paint, updating the interior, and a better location (Hwy 99 is not a great neighborhood), the service is friendly, fast, and efficient.  They boast a full complement of menu items, and rarely have I found them to be out of an item.  The one thing they don’t do anymore, which I wish they would, is make the bloody stump dipped cone.  On request, they would dip a cone in chocolate, then dip it into cherry, thus making it look like a bloody stump at the end of my arm,  It was fun to freak my children out with this treat they could eat.  Every DQ I ask about it says that health codes no longer allow double-dipping; this makes me roll my eyes every time.  Their food is consistent and always either hot or cold, as required by hamburgers and ice cream.  I want a movement to start where we can get the bloody stump, even if it has to come premade and in a plastic wrapper.

7 out of 10



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