Goodwill Industries: 855 Seneca Rd, Eugene, OR 97402

You know, when you want to donate to or buy something in support of someone or something in the community, there really are some choices to be made.  I had a trunk full (and it’s a huge trunk) of decent, clean used clothing that I knew I wouldn’t be able to sell at a garage sale, so I took them over to the drive-thru donations at Goodwill on Seneca.  Jimmy was there immediately to help me with my burden.  He was friendly, helpful, and above all, cheerful!  Jimmy really is an asset to Goodwill Industries, and he was rather amazed at how much my trunk held and we were donating.  It took both of us about five minutes to unload the trunk and put it all in a gigantic cart on wheels.  I think more people should take a page out of Jimmy’s book and share the good attitudes they were born with.  Thanks Goodwill and Jimmy!

10 out of 10 stars



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