McDonald’s: 1580 Coburg Rd Eugene, OR 97401

We started out in line at the drive-thru at DQ, but this woman was sitting at the call box with her dilapidated car’s door open (I assume her windows wouldn’t roll down) for about five minutes before we gave up and went across the road to McDonald’s in search of an ice cream cone.  I’m glad we did.  McDonald’s ice cream is so much better than DQ’s; it’s creamier and smoother.  This McDonald’s looks like it should have been abandoned by the franchisees a long time ago, but the staff was friendly, if inept at making a dipped cone.  I do not recommend getting your cone dipped at any Mickey D’s, as they put it so far in, it is on the cone, making for a messy and unpalatable treat.  Go for the straightforward cone and enjoy it on a hot Summer’s afternoon.  We were in and out of the drive-thru in less than two minutes, unlike the aforementioned DQ.  To be honest, the main problem with any of the drive-thrus in the Eugene-Springfield area is they look like they are in need of an overhaul.  Most have not had anything done to them in 20 years.  Come on, drive-thru owners, you can do better!

7 out of 10



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