Carl’s Jr.: 296 Coburg Rd, Eugene, OR 97401

Gotta love Carl’s Jr., right?  Wrong.  Well, let me clarify; I loathe their ads with the sexual content, the messy faces, and the “bigger is better” attitude.  I have had one after the other bad experiences at the restaurant on W. 11th, but the one on Coburg Rd. is usually very efficient, clean, and quick.  Again, let me clarify, “usually.”  Today, the girl on the mic couldn’t fathom how to make a diet half Coke Zero and half Diet Dr. Pepper with no ice. I had to repeat my order three times, but after being told to pull to the window, I found that it took three minutes to pour that order, assuming they had to do it more than once.  Fast food joints are not known for unique or creative menus, so asking for something to be altered from the norm can throw these people into a tizzy (as my W. 11th experiences can attest). Once she came to the window with my soda, she was all smiles, got the order right, and waved me on my way.  The experience was a bit frustrating, but all in all, satisfactory.

8 out of 10 stars



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