Arby’s: 3865 W 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97402

You know that yearning or craving feeling you get for something you haven’t had in a long time and you just have to have it?  Well, the dogs and I were driving home from the dog park yesterday, when I was wondering who had ice cream floats.  I couldn’t think of anyone.  None of the fast-food places make floats anymore.  I know A&W does them, but I don’t even know where one is in the area, so I pulled through Arby’s drive-thru, told the voice on the speaker that I had a special request, and went to the window.  I told him I wanted a float, and I knew they didn’t make them, but could he please make an exception.  He did!  He charged me the same as a shake, which was fine, and handed it over.  I went happily on my way, and Arby’s has a customer for life (or until I move).  Restaurants, especially in the fast-food sector, rarely will make changes, let alone create an entire off menu item.  I think more companies should let go and just please their customers.  It’s not like I asked them for steak when they only serve roast beef.  Thank you, Arby’s for a great experience.

10 out of 10 stars



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