Taco Bell: 2805 Chad Dr Eugene

This poor little Taco Bell is in the corner of a huge parking lot for Petco, OfficeMax, and a discount clothing store.  It seems lost and out of place, but it does a lot of business, so it seems.  There is nothing special, nothing remarkable, and nothing spectacular about this restaurant.  The food is unremarkable, but the window people do their best to be quick and efficient.  I like this “Sad Sack” of the Coburg Rd. area because it seems so ostracized and left out.  There are no other restaurants near it, so it looks like the last kid picked to play dodge ball.  I know Taco Bell’s food is all the same, just in different wrappers, but give this place a chance and make the employee’s day, when you go through their drive-thru.

8 out of 10 stars



2 thoughts on “Taco Bell: 2805 Chad Dr Eugene

  1. Last time we ate their I actually remarked on how friendly the staff was, and I witnessed the kindness of one of the staff members as they went out of their way to help and enhance the eating experience of a mentally challenged individual. It was heart warming to witness.

    • That’s exactly the type of experience these drive-thrus need to exhibit to make a difference and make people want to come back. (don’t forget to follow me and see what else I find on my travels)

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