KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken): 1530 N Gateway Blvd, Cottage Grove, OR 97424

Not too long ago, I was down in Cottage Grove before work, when I decided to go through KFC’s drive-thru for a $5 box to keep me from starving through four hours of grueling labour.  The female on the voice box asked me what I would like, and when I told her the $5 box, she said, that is now $5.15. I said, then why is it called the $5 box?  She then replied, “that’s what you get when they raise minimum wage.  We had to raise our prices to cover the increase in costs.  Do you still want it?”  I gave her a terse “no thank you” and drove across the street to Carl’s Jr.  KFC still advertises the $5 box, and I think it is bad business for a franchisee to try to make a statement, guilt customers, and make employees feel bad about a cost of living raise.  Shame on you, KFC of Cottage Grove!

2 out of 10 stars



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