76 Gas Station: 3890 W 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97402

Now, I bet you never thought of gas stations as drive-thrus, right?  They are the first and most important drive-thrus.  I took my RV to this 76 station because I knew they sold propane, and I met Woody.  He is the friendliest and happiest gas station attendant I have ever met.  He helped me fill my tank, then he filled the gas tank for me, and even though it would have been cheaper to go to Costco, the cost of driving there and back would have eliminated the savings.  He is very talkative and explains everything, including the pay in side or pay with a credit card, although he didn’t tell me it was 10c more to use my plastic.  He only works part-time, but if you want good service with a smile, go see Woody at the 76 station on W. 11th.  (and btw, I’ve never been a fan of the 76 corporation, but Woody may have changed my mind)

8 out of 10 stars



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