Creswell Coffee Co.:116 Melton Rd, Creswell, OR 97426

If you want an old-fashioned cup of coffee, this is the place to go.  If you want a new-fangled coffee experience, go here.  If you want to just enjoy a cup of joe, then drive through this drive-thru.  Creswell Coffee Company has it all and does it well, even  steamers and hot chocolate, food and desserts.  They are friendly, clean, and courteous.  And, if you want to get out of your vehicle and enjoy live music on a Saturday night, then this is the place to go to sit in comfy over-stuffed chairs and couches or at wooden tables.  Everyone knows everyone in this small town coffee house.  Drive by and say “howdy” to the couple who own and operate this place.  The only negative I can find is that it is out of the way and a bit hidden from the mainstream masses, which can also be a positive.

9 out of 10 stars.



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