KOA Campground: 5298 NE Park Ln, Otis, OR 97368

Alrighty, then!  My RV is fixed; I’ve driven 150 miles to the northern Oregon Coast, and I’m staying at the Lincoln City KOA.  Talk about your amazing drive-thru!  It is clean, out of the way, a quarter mile from the lake, friendly, and reasonably priced: $32.66 a night.  The staff are friendly and helpful, answering all my questions and helping me to figure out things on my RV I had no idea about.  It’s a bit dusty and cramped, but that is to be expected when a corporation tries to put as many spaces in one area as possible (sort of like airlines).  There is a small breakfast shack, where you can get hot food first thing in the morning, and there are showers and toilets located in the middle of the campground.  It has yurts and tent spaces, as well as pull-throughs and smaller spaces for campers and trailers.  I love the field with horses right next to the east side, and the trees give a lot of protection from the rain and sun, which is perfect in summer.  It has a playground for children, but no pool or hot tub.  I feel nestled in a hollow between small mountains on the coast range.  I’d come here again.

8 out of 10 stars.



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