McDonald’s: 1315 W 6th St, The Dalles, OR

The McDonald’s just off Hwy. 84 in The Dalles is very inconvenient. It is too far off the freeway, in a shopping mall parking lot, and has ridiculously placed drive-thrus with 9′ maximum height for vehicles. I had to go inside, where the young man in training just stood behind the counter and waited nervously for me to order, never greeting me or making a suggestion; granted, it WAS his first week or day or something, but I could tell this wasn’t his dream job. The chicken wrap was perfectly grilled and to order (no sauce) and kept me going all day. There were so many employees behind the counters, I counted 9! They had nothing to do! I hope that young man finds his niche, and is successful in it, but he really didn’t impress on me his desire to be there.

5 out of 10 stars.



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