Dog Haus: Business Hwy. 40, Flagstaff, AZ

Wow, I just had the most amazing experience!  I found this obscure little drive-thru on hwy. 40 in Flagstaff, and it is everything a drive-thru should be.  The cars drive right through the building.  When the tiny driveway gets crowded (with three cars), the staff comes running out and takes the order right from the car!  They are quick, polite, efficient, and friendly.  I couldn’t believe the prices, either.  I ordered the special patty melt with small drink for $3.99 and the brat with sauerkraut for $2.99 on a pretzel bun (an extra 75c).  There were five or six people, mostly teenagers, working in the tiny and probably hot kitchen.  They all had smiles on their faces at 4:10 p.m. and in the heat of the day, but what nice kids!  I jokingly asked if they had anything for my dogs, and I was rewarded with two sausage patties!  My dogs are happy, and I am even more so, for when I bit into the patty melt, I had the surprise of my life!  It was a huge grilled patty with two kinds of cheese on rye bread with grilled onions and mustard!  The bratwurst was just as good, with delicious sauerkraut and mustard.  I wish there was one of these in every town!  The only issue I had was the location, which made it difficult to reach and tight to maneuver, but it was so worth it!  Bravo, Flagstaff, AZ!!  You have great teenagers and great drive-thrus!

10 out of 10 stars!





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