Dairy Queen: 3500 Historic U.S. 66, Santa Rosa, NM 88435

I pulled into this town expecting amazing food and a booming economy; it did boast 20 hotels on the signs leading up to it for 80 miles or so.  This sad little town does have the 20 hotels, most of them open, and it has five or six fast food joints, all chains.  It has half it’s businesses boarded up, rampant vandalism, and one street that goes from north to south up a very steep hillside.  So, I did what any sane person would do (okay, a person who wants to know where to find good food) and asked the local cop.  He suggested the travel plaza where the truckers go.  sigh.  He also recommended two Mexican restaurants, so I went to the least offensive exterior and ordered two over-priced chicken enchiladas; they were rather unimpressive, nothing to brag about, or blog about.  To be true to my loyal readers, I also went to the drive-thru across from my hotel, the Dairy Queen, only to find out the drive-thru portion is closed due to a broken computer.  This place could stand to take a lesson or two from the Dog Haus in Flagstaff!  I went in, where they were confused and didn’t understand that “to go” meant I wanted a lid on it without the spoon mashed down into the ice cream!    Anyone driving through the desert of New Mexico should give this place a pass; the entire town, I mean.  It made me sad to think what it could be, if people put in a little effort and concern.  Come on, New Mexico!  I expected more of you!

2 out of 10 stars.



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