Schlotzsky’s: 02 W McDermott Dr, Allen, TX 75013

I haven’t been to a Schlotzsky’s in years.  The sandwiches taste like the ones I used to make when I was young, but theirs are better!  I noticed this one had a drive-thru, so I thought it would be fun to critique one of these stores.  I drove up to the menu and waited a mere ten seconds, when a friendly voice came across the microphone.  I ordered a small original and a half diet Coke half diet Dr. Pepper, no ice.  She repeated the soda order back to me, then told me my total would be over $11!!!  I know prices have gone up, but I didn’t think the soda would be more than the sandwich.  She had inadvertently thought I had ordered two sandwiches.  No, one was plenty, thank you.  I pulled up to the window, which actually took some time, as they are a rather slow drive-thru, paid the right price, and took my meal back to the hotel, where I enjoyed the taste of childhood all over again.  Thank you, Schlotzsky’s!

8 out of 10 stars.



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