Burger King: 106 S 1st St Garland, TX

I’m not a huge burger fan, but if they are done well, I love them.  I have had gourmet burgers that have made me feel like my mouth has died and gone to heaven, and I’ve had fast food burgers that make me think they cooked the cardboard containers the meat was delivered in.  Burger King in Garland is pretty much the latter, but with chemical flame stripes and a burnt flavour.  I don’t know what Burger King does to its burgers, but they never fail to upset my stomach.  What is even worse is the condition of this store.  It is in a sketchy part of town, hard to access, and is rarely neat and tidy.  This Burger King is just as creepy as the character king that climbs into bed with a family in one of their commercials a few years ago.  I think I’ll forego the drive-thru burgers at the King and just have a shake.  It makes me shudder to think of this store.

2 out of 10 stars.Imageur


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