Sonic: Hwy. 78, Wylie, TX

Well, it seems all Sonics are not created equally.  I went to this Sonic yesterday because I thought, “I’m in the neighborhood, and it is the first one I’ve ever been to.”  We loved this Sonic.  They were always friendly, fun, and accurate.  They are no longer accurate.  I had a Chicago Dog and a Diet Cherry Limeade, low ice, extra cherries.  They put extra ice, extra limes, and one cherry.  It made me sad.  The hotdog was okay, but smothered in sweet relish that got all over the place, including my steering wheel, which is still sticky!  The young man who brought me my order was very nice, helpful, and fast, but he could have warned me that the relish was going to go everywhere!  When I ask for extra cherries, I want extra cherries!  Now I can’t brag to my daughter about the number!  Sigh.  Sorry, Sonic in Wylie, I probably won’t be back.

6 out of 10 stars.



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