Guest Blogger/Traveler: McDonald’s: @ Love’s Travel Stop EXIT 179• NORTH PLATTE, NEBRASKA •I-80

This was the most disgusting McDonald’s I’ve ever been in.  My burgers were drenched in seasoned salt, and they put cheese on, when I asked them not to.  They made me write my name on the slip, so they could call me when it was ready, but the girl, after staring at my name for 30 seconds, just called out “two burgers and fries.”  Really, do they look for the least intelligent to hire?  Or is there a dearth of teenagers available for hire in Nebraska?  You would think a state with so many smelly feedlots would have a good burger joint on the freeway, especially attached to a LOVE’S!  I do not like crunchy, salty burgers, and that is what I got.  Yuck!

0 out of 10 stars!



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