Jimmy Johns: 2014 W. University Dr., McKinney, TX

For Shame Jimmy Johns!  For Shame, I say!  I have never been disappointed in one of your restaurants, until today.  I walked into the one in McKinney, and I found 10 or 12 employees in black shirts milling around the entrance and lobby in front of the register.  If this wasn’t disconcerting and confusing enough, there was no one behind the cash register to take my order.  When I ordered a #5 without peppers, he took it upon himself to not put ANY seasoning on the order.  It took forever to get my sandwich started, and no one looked like he knew what he was doing (I say he because there was not one female employee to be seen). It wasn’t the taste from my childhood that I have come to enjoy and savour, whenever I find a JJ’s.  It was bland and boring, not to mention that the lettuce was bitter, probably old or too close to the center.  To be fair, I did order a tuna sandwich, which was very good, but I want what I want and not something that makes me sad.  I also bought three loaves of day old bread, which cost 50c in another location, but are 65c in Texas, but with tax included.  I think that is just a way to rip off the customer, charging an extra dime over the other place.  Jimmy John, I never thought I would say this, but I am crying into my diet soda right now, wishing I could live nearer a store that does it right.  As it is, I have to drive 17 miles just to get to this one!  For Shame, Jimmy John!  For Shame!

5 out of 10 stars.



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