McDonald’s: 1015 W. Stephens St. (Hwy 75) Van Alstyne, TX 75495

Come on, McDonald’s!  What are you doing when you hire these drones?  The man in the window had the personality of a dirty mop!  He had no sense of humour, could only spout corporate policy as if it was a memorised script, and had no concern for his customer or her needs.  Really?  Do you want robots working your stores?  Because that was what he was like.  I admit, being all business can have its advantages, but this guy really did not look like he enjoyed his job or customers with special requests, even though it was the middle of the morning, the slowest time of day (not another car in sight).  And while I’m on the subject, do you have to drench your biscuits in butter, or fake butter, most likely?  I’m begging you, McDonald’s!  Please become more user friendly!!

4 out of 10 stars.



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