Cotton Patch Cafe @ Hwy 380 and 75, McKinney, TX Leaves Bad Taste in My Head, if Not My Mouth

Cotton Patch is an over-priced cafe with few moderate selections.  It looks like a sports bar, and the staff are dressed semi-professionally; they have on crisp white shirts and blue jeans.  It seems the restaurant has an identity crisis.  Not only are the burgers over-priced, but I, a single female, was seated along the front of the restaurant near the windows with no one at any of the tables near me, and all the other couples and groups were as far away from my table as possible; that was not uncomfortable, in the least, right?  There were a few handicapped customers, who were seated as close to the front door as possible, but those two tables were right near a table of employees enjoying their lunches.  I do not have a problem with employees frequenting an establishment where they work, but I do have a problem with them wearing their uniforms and getting more attention from the rest of the wait staff than the other customers.  They should have a private room or an out of the way table, if they are going to eat in the middle of their workday.  The hamburger was good, and the fries delicious, and I was waited on right away, even if a simple burger took awhile to get to my table, which, as you can see from the picture, wasn’t exactly spotless.  When I tried to get the attention of a waitperson to get my check, it was next to impossible, causing me to wait several extra minutes, when I was in a hurry.

4 out of 10 stars.



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