Come for the Tea, stay for the food!…………………..Pad Thai: 2321 Sam Rayburn Hwy Melissa, TX 75454

If you drive up Hwy 75 and get off at exit 45, about five miles north of McKinney, you will be on Hwy 121, or Sam Rayburn State Hwy.  There seems to be little at this exit, but if you drive two miles past the Race Trak and turn in at the Texaco Station on the left, which is across from a Shell Station and just after a tiny drive-thru donut hut, you will find a Subway, and just behind that is the best Thai restaurant I’ve ever been to.  The owner’s mother-in-law is from Thailand, and she and her cooks use her authentic recipes to create the most wonderful dishes. They are filling and yet, healthy, using rice noodles and vegetables.  The price is not too high, but make sure you don’t go there on Mondays because they are closed!  I found this out the hard way.  The first time I ate there, I was almost finished with my meal when the waitress brought this gorgeous tall drink to the next table, so I asked the owner what it was yesterday.  it turns out it is sweetened Thai tea with half and half and ice, which makes it a beautiful two-toned drink, but when I stirred it, it was a lovely curry or brick colour.  It was strong, sweet, and lovely, just the right mixture to cool my tongue after eating the level 3 heat in my dish.  Yes, you can choose the level of heat, from 1-5, in any dish they prepare, so go for it!   It is lovely, just a bit out of the way.

9 out of 10 stars.



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