Happy Day, Happy Meal? Not: McDonald’s 3310 Lavon Dr Garland, TX

Micky D’s, you are on notice.  Stop hiring the idiotic teenaged boys from the local high school to work the drive-thru window. They aren’t cute. They aren’t funny. They can’t get an order right to save their lives.  Please, put someone with experience and a modicum of sanity in your drive-thrus!  The microphone wasn’t working at this particular store, so I had to give my order to this smirking halfling, and he had me sitting there for two minutes waiting for him to get it right.  “NO, I didn’t say chicken, I said burger.  No, I don’t want ketchup and mayo on it.  Yes, I would like a receipt.”  I will give you this, the Bacon Quarter Pounder (I had to ask for tomatoes at the next window) without condiments is amazingly good, and the bacon was very crispy.  But who can enjoy their food when they are angry enough to want to smack the clerk upside the head when he isn’t looking?

4 out of 10 stars.



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