100th POST!!!! I wish it was a better critique! El Polo Regio 2000 N Central Expy McKinney, TX 75070

DO NOT EAT AT THIS RESTAURANT!  I mean, seriously, you go through the drive-thru after work, hungry and ready for a lovely soda and burrito, handmade and piping hot, and it should only take a few minutes to order, pay, and drive on, right?  WRONG.  First, the people at the window did not understand me, but I was speaking perfectly good English.  Secondly, they took forever to get my order made, and when I motioned to my arm where a watch should be, miraculously, my 15 minute wait was over, and a bag was thrust into my hand with nary a thank you or come again. I drove home, anticipating the deliciousness of a chorizo and egg burrito to go with my diet soda, no ice (the only thing they got right).  I open my bag, and what do I behold?  A Churro!  First of all, I have nothing against other people enjoying these, but I didn’t pay $4 for a Churro with a small pot of something brown and sticky to dip it in because I am not supposed to ingest sugar.  Secondly, IT ISN’T WHAT I ORDERED!!!  So, two days later, I went back to inform them of their mistake.  Again, everything I said was translated into Spanish for the other clerks, and when I told them what had happened, they denied it.  Yes, I had to wait two days, but I live a long way from the store.  What really upset me what the one male clerk who I knew recognised me and stood there and lied about the entire incident.  There is no way he couldn’t have known me because he stood there while the others ran around supposedly making my burrito on the first day, and he made sure I got my soda, but he also threw the bag with the Churro at my open hand.  Yes, I am not happy.  I will not be driving through any of these restaurants again.

0 out of 10 stars.



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