Yes, I deserved a break that day!!! McDonald’s: 1810 W University Dr. McKinney, TX

How many of you saw the new Robin William’s comedy, “The Crazy Ones,” the other night?  He is an advertising agency owner who has his daughter working with him, and their biggest client, McDonald’s, is about to fire them for a lack of creativity.  The agency decides to bring back the old ads from the ’70s and a bit of nostalgia, You Deserve a Break Today!  This is so true.  This country needs to go where they can afford the food, be treated with kindness and respect, and feel they left with a little bit lighter load on their shoulders.  This was my experience going through the McDonald’s on University Dr. after having just dealt with the complete rudeness and utter uselessness of Regio’s (see earlier blog).  The woman at the window as so nice and polite, asked how I was, commiserated with me how businesses don’t know how to show true customer service anymore, and smiled as I drove away.  I am hoping she was smiling because she knew she made my day a little bit better, not because she was happy I was gone!  All I know is she made me happy, even without my buying a Happy Meal.  Btw, “The Crazy Ones'” pilot was very well done and very funny; you should see it.

9 out of 10 stars. (location)



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