KFC’s new GO CUPS need to Get Gone!

I thought, yes, a $2.49 snack before class would do me a lot of good in getting my energy up for discussion and making me concentrate.  Sadly, I was mistaken.  The GO CUP I ended up with looked nothing like the images KFC has been marketing.  My “snack” consisted of few potato wedges and two sad little chicken tenders.  Both tasted good and were hot, but the container wasn’t even filled to the top of the rim, leaving a very large  and deep plastic lid with nothing to show for itself, but air.  KFC, I’ve always thought your fried chicken was overpriced, but now you are just ripping the public off!  If you are going to sell something in a container, fill the container!  Don’t just market something to see how many people you can get to buy it, then disappoint them, allowing the product to then fail due to your greed.  Either make the containers smaller, allowing them to look like they actually hold some food, or put more product in them, especially more fries, which cost you pennies!!  Shame on YOU, KFC, keeper of the Colonel’s Secret recipe and 11 herbs and spices.  The Colonel must be spinning in his chicken coop!

1 out of 10 stars (okay, 4 out of 10 stars for taste and price)



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