Taco Bueno, NO BUENO: 302 N Central Expy McKinney, TX

They have not drinks?  REALLY???? How can you have a restaurant without drinks?  I ordered the taco platter, anyway, but it sure didn’t look like the picture on the menu.  It was thrown together and messy, without any chips for the beans or guacamole.  It was super salty, too, which is unpalatable.  I get to the window to pay and see the girl pouring a drink, and when I asked her, “I thought you didn’t have drinks,” she replied they were out of CO2.  So, you have tea?  Oh, yes, we have tea…do you want tea?  I would have.  Seriously, are the restaurants trying to fail?  Cluelessness is not cute.

2 out of 10 stars.



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