Water, Water Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink! Cooper Lake State Park, Cooper, TX

It was a sad sight for my poor eyes.  I drove an hour east to Cooper Lake and hoped to see boats and fishing, maybe even swimmers, but the lake is so low, the swimming area has not one drop of water in it.  The lake is twelve feet low, and it doesn’t even touch the bottom of the dam that was built to hold the water in.  The spillover looks like a couple of ponds, and the boat ramp and walkway end in midair.  Do you know why it is so low?  Yes, there is a 30 year drought going on, but that isn’t what has depleted the water supply.  Someone, somewhere made a deal to sell the water to Dallas, so it is pumped into Lake Lavon, then it is sold to the DFW metroplex.  The people in Cooper are none too happy about it, either.  They sarcastically cry, “at least the lawns in Dallas are green.”  I know it isn’t Dallas’ fault, but the fault of those who signed the agreement with Cooper Lake, taking a valuable resource from its people.  I was sad to see so much shore and so little lake.

4 out of 10 stars.



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