Rudy’s BBQ: 1790 Central Expy N, Allen, TX 75002

Once again, i find myself in awe of a restaurant that puts the customer first, personal comfort second.  It was hot and taking quite a long time for the truck ahead of me to get his order, but I pulled up, and a young woman came out and took my order from my car, so it would be ready for me when I finally reached the window.  The guy ahead of me had a huge order, and that is probably what took so long.  I pulled up and there was my smoked turkey sandwich with a side of pickles waiting for me.  They don’t put condiments or extras on the sandwiches, but this turkey was very good and so moist, but it could have used a little something, like mayo or even cranberries.  It was huge, the meat was chunky, and it was all breast meat!  I’ll go there again for a $6 sandwich!  This store is weird, though.  It has a country store and a gas station, which is at odds with the rustic, yet family restaurant feel.  I don’t get the gas station out front.  It makes the place seem like a cross between Dickey’s/Crackerbarrel/Shell.

8 out of 10 stars.



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