A Letter to Jack and His Horrible Ads.

Dear Jack,

While I understand your goal is to sell food, do you really think that selling “Munchy Meals” is appropriate?  Even though you try to disguise the true audience behind a lame gamer sitting on a couch, everyone knows you are selling to the drug-using public, especially the youngest ones.  Come on, you’re fooling no one.  You want to be seen as the hip and cool restaurant, but those ads are just sad.  You are better than that and can do more to pedal your burgers than appealing to the stoned masses.  Keep those ads for Washington and Colorado, and do the rest of us a favour and treat us like the intelligent consumers we are…oh yes, that means we wouldn’t want to eat greasy and salty foods anyway, right?  Wrong,  We are just as addicted to your food as the stoners.  Why don’t you change your tactics and see what happens?  I won’t be eating at any of your restaurants until you do.

0 out of 10 stars, Jack!



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