IT IS THE CRUST!!! Mr. Jim’s Pizza: 604 State Highway 78, Farmersville, TX‎

I was jonesing for a pizza, not having anything like a pizzeria out here in the boonies, so I drove ten miles to the nearest bigger boonies’ town, where I knew there was a restaurant.  Mr. Jim’s is right across from the high school (nice planning, guys) and in between a Chinese restaurant and a burger joint (owned by the same people, again, nice planning!).  Since I didn’t want to cook this week, I thought, okay, I’ll get a pizza and some Chinese food to put in the fridge for the first half of the week.  Good planning, right?  If this pizza lasts me more than two days, I’ll be surprised!  You know how some pizza, you just save the crusts for the dogs because they taste like flour or cornmeal or whoknowswhat?  Not Mr. Jim’s.  My dogs are not getting any of this crust!  Now, when I went in, it seems someone had lost the gentleman’s order ahead of me, and he was not too pleased, but I thought I would give them a shot anyway.  I am very glad I did.  YUM!  For $12 (tax added in), I got a large pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion pizza with the toppings so close to the edge, there’s no room for fingers to pick it up.  Yes, I will go back!  It isn’t much to look at (the restaurant), but the food is awesome.

8 out of 10 stars.



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