Farmersville Got it Going On! China House: 604 state highway 78 n, farmersville, tx 75442

China House in Farmersville, just two doors down from the pizza joint, is in a strip mall that contains a charity shop, a Dollar Value, and a burger joint, not to mention a donut shop and a nail salon.  That’s a lot of services all in one small parking lot!  The food is very good, hot, and filling.  They are friendly and courteous, making sure the customer has everything he or she needs.  I’m allergic to some foods, and they assured me they do not use them in their cooking, which surprised me, but hey, who am I to complain?  Oh yeah, I’m the Drive-Thru Critic, so complaining  is my forte!  I enjoyed their General Tsao’s Chicken and their Shrimp with broccoli, but the cost is a little high, in my estimation.  I will go there again, but only when I have spare cash; it’s about a 1/3 more expensive than I’m use to paying.  Oh, before I forget, the fried rice is not just rice and some onion and maybe egg thrown in, but it has veggies and meat, more than any other place I’ve been.  I did love that rice.

8 out of 10 stars.



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