No Cluck for Your Buck! Chester’s Chicken, Hwy. 69, Bells, TX

I’m driving out in the middle of nowhere, well, middle of Hwy. 69, anyway.  I’m hungry, as I haven’t eaten since yesterday, so I stop at the crossroads in Bells, TX.  There’s a market and Chester’s Chicken in the Shell station.  It looked very good, fresh, and smelled delicious.  I got the three piece chicken strip with potato wedges, roll, and homemade coleslaw (after tasting the disgusting corn fritters and deciding against them).  I left, continuing my drive north toward Sherman.  I eat the roll, and wonder, “why do they have to slather the outside of a decent biscuit with salted butter?”  It tasted very good, but was a bit greasy and salty.  Then, I grabbed the coleslaw.  The date on the top said it was either made four days ago or was out of date then. I tasted it, but I know that you do not keep anything mixed with mayonnaise longer than three days, so I decided it was better left uneaten.  The chicken smelled so wonderfully delicious, I grabbed one and took a big bite.  I wish I hadn’t done that.  It was so salty, it was like having a salt-lick in my mouth.   I thought maybe one of the strips had accidentally received extra salt, so I tried another one instead.  It was just as bad.  It wasn’t the coating on the fried strips, but whatever they had marinated them in was so oversalted, it destroyed any other flavours.  Nastiness to the nth degree.  Not only this, but when I climbed the steps to go into the store, the clerk was sitting at a table right outside the door, smoking, which is a violation of state (or federal) law. I had to through everything out.  Shame on you, Chester’s!

0 out of 10 stars.



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