Burger King Breakfast, Creepy No More! Burger King: University Dr. McKinney, TX

Yes, that Burger King over the last decade is creepy, climbing into bed with a married couple with his big bulbous plastic creepy head, but this Burger King has taken the creep out of creepy.  To be honest, I went into this one to use the facilities after two humoungous cups of tea, and since I don’t like to use someone’s restroom without buying something, or at least pretending to want to buy something, I went to the counter after washing my hands.  I ordered a sausage biscuit, and then asked if they had any inexpensive hash browns I could buy my dogs, since they had been sitting in the car in the cold for two hours (37 degrees in Texas is considered cold by local standards), and the manager asked if they liked sausage.  Of course they do!  She gave them a sausage and an order of hash browns to share!  I was very impressed, so I ordered an extra sausage biscuit for myself.  I love drive-thrus that take canine companions into account.  A lot of banks have dog cookies, and there’s even a Carl’s Jr. in Roseburg, OR that keeps bacon on hand for the fluffy puppies. Yes, Burger King, I got it MY WAY!  Remember that commercial?  

10 out of 10 stars.



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