This Airline is Souless and has Forgotten Humanity: Spirit Airlines

How would you like to fly an airline that only has enough planes for the routes they are flying, so if one breaks down, it sends all flights into a lagging tailspin?  Would also like that airline to charge your for ANY baggage you wish to bring aboard, even if it is carry-on?  What if they charged you for drinks?  No, not just alcohol, but soda and water?  Then, how would you like to have to put up with 100 or so of the grumpiest travelers because their flights have been delayed not just one day, but two or even more, having had to spend the nights in the airport because the airline does not give out hotel or meal vouchers?  Yes, my weary traveler, there is such an airline.  Not only is it in existence, but when you fly with it, you feel it could stop flying altogether.  The business practices of Spirit Airlines make one feel the owners have invested their money into this “fly-by-night” operation to make a quick buck, and then they are going to pull all their profits out and leave the employees to fend for themselves.  I flew on them once.  NEVER AGAIN!  They have taken the customer out of customer service and replaced it with consumerism.  I am not against consumerism, as long as the product is of decent quality and lives up to expectations.  Yeah, not happening with this organisation.  Save your money and take a car, or if you can’t do that, then fly one of the airlines with a proven track record, say Alaskan? British Midlands??

1 out of 10 stars (because they do eventually get you to your destination)



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