So Sad, Bye-Bye, All Gone: Racetrac Free Hot Beverages

Well, it was a week of lovely deliciousness, hot chocolate every day, sometimes twice, all free, all for me!  Some of the stores ran out of hot chocolate; some ran out of lids; one even ran out of friendliness.  By the end of the week, the employees were definitely looking forward to midnight last night.  They had seen an sizable increase in business, especially in the peak hours, mornings, which put a strain on their good humour and graciousness, but they got through it.  I thought it was a promotion for one free cup a day, but noooooo, one employee told me there was no limit.  I tried not to be greedy, but my week-end count was 10, two of which are in my freezer.  Not only that, but they had Almond Joy creamers, and when I asked if they would sell me some, one of the managers handed me a small bag full!  I am loving on Racetrac right now!  I would like to see them more prepared next time, with enough supplies, especially with their best selling commodity, as I was told, Hot Chocolate. There is no excuse for running out!  I’m saving my frozen ones for my Sundays the next two weeks, then I will venture back into Racetrac and refuel my need for something hot and delicious.

9 out of 10 stars.



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