Say It Ain’t So! Dunkin’ Donuts has NO White Hot Chocolate or Pumpkin Muffins?

Dunkin’ Donuts should really be hurting now that winter is upon us, people are clambering for hot chocolate, and the pumpkin season is here!  They discontinued pumpkin muffins after Halloween!  How short-sighted is that?  Not only that, but the Dunkin’ Donuts I went to 30 miles from my home just to get said muffin is out of White Hot Chocolate and tried to pass off a diluted regular hot chocolate with white chocolate syrup in it as the real thing!  I was miffed! I was astounded! I was astonished!  I was disappointed!  Shame on you, when DFW is mourning JFK’s assassination 50 years ago this very day and is almost freezing with a high that will not exceed 37 today!  I am so very disappointed in a chain that prides itself on quality and quantity.   I want my muffin and want to eat it, too!

3 out of 10 stars!



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