Value for Your Money? Not this Place! Nissan of McKinney, McKinney, TX

If you value your money and want your vehicle fixed without the usual run-around and flim-flam, then Nissan of McKinney is not the place to go.  My sweet little 2010 Nissan Versa was making a slightly higher pitched noise in the engine than it normally does, so I took it in to see what it could be.  Ninety minutes later!  I walked out to give my lovely dogs a stretch (yes, literally, I had my two Border Collies with me), and we walked to a patch of grass where I could see my car sitting there with the hood open, no one even touching it, and no cords, cables, or computers hooked up to it.  I waited and watched, about fifteen minutes of my precious time went by, and still no one went near my car.  I thought to myself, “this isn’t right.”  I stood there another fifteen minutes, until the mechanic who had told me it might be the transmission and needed the computer diagnosis to be sure, got in my car and drove to the garage entrance, where I just happened to be waiting.  He seemed a bit surprised to see me there, but I asked him what was wrong with my car.  He said the transmission fluid was filthy and needed changing.  I asked him how much that would be, and he said it was a, round $100.  I thanked him and took possession of my lovely little car, putting my dogs in the back seat.  I drove off the lot and straight to a transmission specialist, where they did a thorough and free inspection, finding the transmission had not been touched, not even to look at the fluid, as the valve where they would have had to break the seal to get some fluid out had not been broken; it was still in place from when it was put there in the factory. Remember, children, your transmission fluid will not get dirty in 48,000 miles because the transmission is sealed!  Idiots!  It really pisses me off when they see a woman and think she knows nothing about engines, cars, and mechanics.  My father taught me to work on engines, and he forced me to rebuild the one in my first car.  Women are not as stupid as mechanics still seem to think we are.  I called the manager/owner and gave him a very lengthy piece of my mind.  I will never go back to Nissan of McKinney; I shall drive the extra miles to Mesquite.  Try to fool me once, you pay the consequences. Thank you for being such a turkey just before Thanksgiving, gentlemen. Your motto should not be “Simply the Best,” but “Simply a Rip-off!”

0 out of 10 stars.



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