Got the Blues in Blue Ridge, TX

I love this little town.  It is homey and quaint.  The people all wave and say hello.  Well, almost all of them.  I did have to stop by the post office on my way through; actually, I’ve been in there twice now.  The man who runs that post office is the most unlikable and unfriendly person I have ever met.  Each time I’ve been in there, he has left me feeling frustrated.  I went in to mail a letter, and it was like he was doing me a favour.  I didn’t know what stamps I wanted, and he had no patience.  There was no one else in the one-room building, but he must have had very important things to do because even when I tried to be friendly and strike up a conversation, it was like he was looking for a fight or an argument.  This has happened both times I’ve been in there, and I do not go through there very often.  I have a friend in town, and she says she receives the same treatment. It even says “Service” on their emblem. He really needs to find another line of work if this one makes him so miserable!

0 out of 10 stars.



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