Stop Clowning Around, Micky D’s! Hwy 380, Princeton, TX

You pull into the drive-thru in a McDonald’s, and you expect to be able to order a simple thing like two small burgers and a diet soda, half diet Coke, half diet Dr. Pepper, no ice, right?  It seems people who work the drive-thrus across this nation are incapable of anything that deviates from the main menu.  They put ice in, then they have to dump it out.  They don’t understand half and half, which makes Coke and Dr. Pepper bearable.  God forbid, I ask for no ketchup!  I mean, come on, when did “The Customer is Always Right” turn into “The Customer Gets What We Know How to Make?”  sigh….and there’s no Burger King for miles, so I can’t have it MY WAY!  Maybe I should just turn on Frank Sinatra and listen to his song by that title.

8 out of 10 stars (for being frustrating)


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