Wow, Walmart does not have What the Customer Wants? Shocking! Hwy. 75, Plano, TX

Amazing, Walmart does not have the things necessary to take care of fur people!  This one did not carry a common item, an elastic self-adhesive limb wrap for dogs with cuts on their legs or feet.  It’s $2 in other stores, but they don’t carry it here?  That’s crazy because this area is so into its pets!  Come on, WALLY WORLD, show you know what the customers want and need!  Not only that, but when I asked the cashier for my change in small bills, she forgot, then sighed, walked off and was gone for 2-3 minutes, and came back and shoved the money in my hand, saying “there!”  Unbelievable.

1 out of 10 stars.


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