Oh, Leave Us Alone! Olive Garden Puts Pressure on Patrons to Leave

A friend and I met at Olive Garden at the junction of Interstate 75 and Hwy. 380 a couple of days ago to have a nice pre-holiday chat and meal of Soup, Salad, and Bread Sticks, which is always my favourite at this establishment.  We expected to enjoy ourselves, catching up, gossiping, and the like.  I always choose a table in the bar, not to drink, but because it is always quieter and has no parents with unruly children running around.  It was obviously the waitress/bar tender’s first time having patrons in the small alcove of six tables.  She seems frenetic and a bit befuddled.  She was pleasant and very polite, but she brought the salad out and no soup, thinking we would want to finish our salad before we had the soup.  I have never had my meal served that way.  We had seconds on both the salad and the soup, and when she brought the second bowl, she asked if we were going to have dessert.  I told her we wanted to wait and see.  I excused myself from the table to “powder my nose,” and when I came back, not having finished my soup or salad, I found the bill next to my plate.  My companion said the waitress had just dropped it there as soon as I left the table.  I do not like being rushed.  The restaurant was not packed or even busy, so there was no need to rush anyone out to make room for people waiting.  I find it extremely rude and potentially distressing, causing indigestion, to be made to feel I am in the way or not moving fast enough.  When I am out to lunch with my friends, I want to linger, to talk, to gab, to enjoy the time we have, since the rest of the day is so hectic and fast paced.  The food was lovely, as usual.  The restaurant quiet and clean.  The manager was very helpful and polite, when I explained to him how he might want to guide the young waitress in customer courtesy.  Just don’t rush me, please!

8 out of 10 stars.


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