ABC has Made a Deal with the Devil!

The ABC network had decided to block all shows from those people who do not subscribe to cable or dish networks for their television viewing.  I, for one, cannot afford Internet AND television, so I watch online, even though I still have to sit through the irritating Jack in the Box commercials and endless adverts about dry eyes and erectile dysfunction.  The advertisers pay for the programs, so why am I, a lowly impoverished part-time teacher trying to make ends meet, being penalised and cut off from such shows as Once Upon a Time and The Goldbergs.  Seriously, I only made $8000 last year, and that is what I lived on.  The one bit of distraction from my lack of money was to watch a couple of shows that allowed my mind to just gel.  I think it is sad when a corporation is so greedy that it steals the little bit of joy from the poor and lines its pockets with the money needed to feed families.  SHAME ON YOU, ABC!  Greedy Bastards.

0 out of 10 stars.


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