FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES may not be their slogan, but they live up to it!

Alaskan Airlines has to be the friendliest and best airline I’ve ever flown.  I have flown all my life, from the age of three months, and I’ve been on almost every airline in existence.  You know how I feel about bad service and uncaring employees, especially in the airline industry (Spirit Air being the WORST), but Alaskan is the best by far.  They went the extra distance to make sure I was taken care of and had everything I needed.  They were kind and courteous; even the gate people were awesome.  I have nothing bad to say about any of them, even the baggage handlers got my case with my glass frames and other fragile items home safely.  I’m very happy.  Without their assistance, my two-day trip would not have been so perfect. The pilot even pointed out all the mountains we could see.  That is a plus I always admire.  I applaud you, Alaskan Airlines!  I’ll fly your friendly skies again!

10 out of 10 stars.


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