Oh Thank Heaven, I’m NOT at 7-Eleven! McDonald St., Allen, TX

OMG!  The ceiling was falling down (they WERE fixing it), the repairman hit me with the ladder, and the clerk couldn’t speak English (and I mean not one word).  It is difficult to ask for change or where the turkey sandwiches are when there is a communication gap.  I am proud this country was founded on immigrants and continues to welcome them with open arms, but when a business hires someone to work in the customer service sector, the business might think about helping with lessons in customer service.  He was a lovely gentleman and had a great smile, but it took twice as long when he kept having to call the manager to translate for him.  The store isn’t as clean or nice as it was when I used to go there five years ago. I’d like to see the corporation invest some money into updating and renovating.  It’s on a corner, which makes it difficult to access from two streets, but easy for the other two.  I’m just not a fan of 7-Eleven, I guess, but I think the manager is doing his best to make a go of it. btw, I found the picture online and laughed, so I thought, why not?

6 out of 10 stars.


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