Charmin May Be Squeezably Soft, but It also Squeezes the Pocketbook and Stretches My Patience!

Costco has a coupon for Charmin this month.  Yea!  I always get mine there with their coupons, but this month, they have two types, and only one is on sale.  It is the Strong Charmin.  I thought, Okay, it’s on sale, so it is 30 rolls for $19, and the other is 30 rolls for $22.  What a rip off!  Not only do you get fewer rolls, but they are also almost an inch more narrow.  That’s right, Costco Shoppers!  Charmin is ripping us off again!  I am so close to giving up my membership to that store because all I ever buy is dog food and toilet paper.  Now I am down to dog food.  This is ridiculous!

0 out of 10 stars, CHARMIN!!


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